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RIP John Hughes


John Hughes has died. What else can you say about him? He was one of the most inspirational director and writer of our time.

He gave us tons of movies to adore and remember. Just a few include teen angst classics, like the Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day off and the Sci-Fi nerd comedyWeird Science.

John Hughes gave us super hot nerd fantasy Kelly LeBrock. Forever we bow down to you John Hughes!

But nobody can even come close to describing what John Hughes meant to them like Alison Byrne Fields. Her Blog “We’ll Know When We Get There” has a touching personal tale of the man John Hughes who was her pen pal from 1985-87 and eventually friend for life.

Sincerely John Hughes is her post. It’s amazing.

So here is a tribute to John Hughes. “Goodnight sweet Prince”

YouTube Preview Image
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